John S. Baras


LES: Layered Encryption Security

M. Karir and J. S. Baras

3rd International Conference on Networking (ICN’04), Gosier, Guadeloupe, French Caribbean, February 29 – March 4, 2004.

Full Text Paper ( .Pdf )



In this paper we discuss the concept of Layered Encryption Security(LES). We analyze the need for introducing layering in a security infrastructure. Layered encryption provides us the ability to selectively disclose different parts of data to different parties that might be interested in it without compromising the security of the other parts. We have implemented a simple prototype implementation to demonstrate the practical feasibility of the concept by modifying IPSEC. Measurements from our implementation indicate that the Layered Encryption approach does not add unacceptable delays and does not substantially increase processing requirements at either the end points or at intermediate nodes.

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