John S. Baras


Capability Assessment and Design Evaluation for the Hybrid Network of Space GiG and Terrestrial Sensor Nets: Global Monitoring, Tracking and Query

N.X. Liu, J. S. Baras

MILCOM 2004, Monterey, California, October 31 - November 3 , 2004.

Full Text Paper (.Pdf )



In this paper we propose a hierarchical architecture for organizing the hybrid network of the LEO-satellite based space network and terrestrial sensor nets. The hybrid network has unique advantages in providing global monitoring, tracking, and query capabilities. We assess these three capabilities of the network, and seek the optimal design in terms of the cooperation of the MAC and routing protocols. We evaluate six combinations of the MAC and routing protocols,and identify the best solution. Extensive simulation results are provided, Application models and performance metrics for the three capabilities are developed. The work provides a reference framework for pursuing global monitoring, tracking, query capabilities with hybrid spaceterrestrial networks.


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