John S. Baras


On the Negotiation of Access Control Policies

V.D. Gligor, H. Khurana, R.K. Koleva, V.G. Bharadwaj and J.S. Baras

Security Protocols, Proceedings of 9th International Workshop, Cambridge, United Kingdom, April 2001.

Full-text article [ PDF]


Although the notion of negotiation has been used extensively in secure communication protocols to establish common keying states, protocol modes and services, this notion is only now emerging in the area of access control policies. In this paper, we review the motivation for access policy negotiation and we provide some examples of use in practice. In particular, we illustrate the meaning, the types, and the process of negotiation for establishing common access states and common interpretations of policy models for dynamic coalitions and large-scale access control in the Internet.

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