John S. Baras


Comparison of Run-to-Run Control Methods in Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes

C. Zhang, H. Deng and J.S. Baras

AEC/APC Symposium XII, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, September 23-28, 2000

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Run-to Run (RtR) control plays an important role in semiconductor manufacturing.<p>In this paper, RtR control methods are generalized. The set-valued RtR controllers with ellipsoidapproximation are compared with other RtR controllers bysimulation according to the following criteria: A good RtR controller should be able to compensate for variousdisturbances, such as process drifts, process shifts (step disturbance)and model errors; moreover, it should beable to deal with limitations, bounds, cost requirement, multipletargets and time delays that are often encountered in realprocesses. <p>Preliminary results show the good performance of the set-valued RtRcontroller. Furthermore, this paper shows that it is insufficient to uselinear models to approximate nonlinear processes and it is necessary to developnonlinear model based RtR controllers.

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