John S. Baras


Simple Calls for Flexible Constructs Using the Traditional File API

S. Gupta, J. S. Baras, S. Kelley, and N. Roussopoulos

Open Signaling for ATM, Internet and Mobile Networks Workshop (OPENSIG), Columbia University, New Jersey, April 29-30, 1996

Full-text article [ PDF]


We present the design for a remote QOS control interface to the transport protocol based on existing work for similar applications. This puts together the read/write calls from the traditional file system API and an additional primitive. The addition amounts to programming an operating system data- streaming service which may be provided as a system call or otherwise using the standard techniques. Put together these allow much more than the traditional call based control interface. The resulting interface simplifies the mechanisms for distributed control. Parts of this interface have also been implemented in our ongoing experiments with file transfer.

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