Toolkit 1.1
Introduction to Toolkit 1.1



The Toolkit1.1 Menus

The SNOW ToolKit 1.1 is a click-and-drop editor that supports the most commonly used UML diagram elements. It allows content developers to create and annotate UML diagrams with pathways and popup hints, and link diagram elements to other entities on the web. Content developers can setup networks and hierarchies of UML diagrams (for system specification, behavior and structure), which in turn can be connected to domain-specific content.

When you open the tool kit it looks like this:

When you click the File Menu on the Menu bar you see the following options:

  • Open - To open a new page
  • Export to Java Applet - This will create Java-enabled diagrams.
  • Print Current Graph - Lets you print the current Graph.
  • Export to XML - This will store your graph as XML document.
  • Exit - Closes the applet.

Graph Menu has the following functions:

  • Set one size.
  • Clear all - clears everything that is on the screen.
  • New Graph - Lets you create a new graph.
  • Delete Graph - Deletes the selected graph.

View Menu

  • Properties - Opens the property applet if it is not open.
  • Show Grid - Shows a grid on the screen that helps you for proper alignment and placement of elements.
  • Status Bar Option - Lets you hide or show the status bar.

Project Menu

  • Open Project
  • Save Project