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ENSE 623, ENPM 643 System Engineering Design Project

Course Description


This course brings together real problems with the methodologies and tools of systems engineering in the context of a specific research project pursued as the focus for student work, both in teams and as individuals. The project, defined and introduced at the beginning of the course, is chosen to contribute as research relevant to the industry's state-of-art. Lectures and other resources provide the domain knowledge needed for the project, including both technology and systems issues. Students and faculty with expertise in the technology domain of the project will participate actively in the course, which may be cross-listed in relevant departments.


This course represents the culmination of the systems engineering core sequence, an opportunity apply the principles and methodologies of systems engineering to a major challenge in a specific engineering applications domain. Students, faculty, and visitors with expertise in the applications domain participate actively, sharing their knowledge of the relevant technology and systems contexts, and providing a realistic cross-disciplinary collaboration experience like that facing practitioners of systems engineering in industry. Systems engineering students apply their expertise in systems engineering principles and modeling to the research project, thus bridging the gap between the power of systems engineering and research methods and the challenge of real industrial needs.

Course Information

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