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Centers and Labs


Federal Aviation Administration Center of Excellence in Aviation Operations Research (NEXTOR II)

Maryland Hybrid Networks Center

Maryland Robotics Center

University of Maryland Energy Frontier Research Center: Nanostructures for Electrical Energy Storage (UMERC NEES)



Advanced Manufacturing Lab

Auditory Neuroethology Lab (BATLAB)

Autonomy Robotics Cognition Lab

Collective Dynamics and Control Lab

Computational Sensorimotor Systems Lab

Control of Miniaturized Systems for Mechatronic, Biological, and Clinical Applications Laboratory

CPS & Cooperative Autonomy Lab

Simulation-Based System Design Laboratory

Human-Computer Interaction Lab

Integrated Biomorphic Information Systems Laboratory (IBIS)

Intelligent Servosystems Lab

The Kanold Lab (assembly and plasticity of neuronal circuits)

Laboratory for Advanced Materials Processing (LAMP)

Laboratory for Computational Cultural Dynamics (LCCD)

Laboratory for Microtechnologies

Laboratory for Neural Control of Locomotion

Maryland Optics Group

Media and Security Team

MEMS Sensors and Actuators Lab

Micro Robotics Lab

Netcentricity labs in the Robert H. Smith School of Business

Neural Systems Lab

Power Electronics, Energy Harvesting and Renewable Energies Laboratory

Ray Adomaitis research group

Robotics Realization Lab

Robotics, Automation and Medical Systems Laboratory (RAMS Lab)

Semi-Autonomous Systems Lab

Sensors and Actuators Laboratory

Space Systems Lab

Speech Communication Lab

Systems Engineering and Integration Lab

Photonic Biosensors Laboratory


Institute of Neuromorphic Engineering (INE)

Miscellaneous UMD friends

Center for Nanophysics and Advanced Materials

Institute for Physical Science and Technology

Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics

University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies (UMIACS)

Center for Automation Research (CfAR)