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Visiting Scientist Program

ISR's Strategic Partner program (SPP) enables companies to nominate staff members to participate as Visiting Scientists for a year or more. Visiting Scientists and their companies directly benefit from the education, training, and research opportunities available. Visiting Scientists are integrated into ISR research teams, enabling development of their knowledge and skills, which brings them to the forefront of technology and research. Since 1999, ISR Visiting Scientists have successfully benefited from their participation.

The Visiting Scientists component of the ISR Strategic Partners Program (SPP) is designed for visitors to work closely with and learn from their jointly selected faculty host on topics of mutual interest. The program provides a natural vehicle for:

  • Shoulder-to-shoulder collaboration with ISR faculty and students
  • Education in systems engineering, allied sciences, and business practices
  • Knowledge transfer between systems methodologies and application domains
  • Training in the state-of-the-art tools including those based on ISR research

Visiting Scientists have found it very beneficial to participate in the activities of ongoing ISR research teams. Collaboration is possible in a wide range of technical areas, including network security, mobile and sensor networks, hybrid communication networks, MEMS sensor and actuator design and fabrication, nanotechnology, manufacturing and product realization systems, neuroscience and neuromorphic engineering, systems engineering methodologies, signal processing and multimedia systems, advanced control systems techniques, supply chain management, and transportation systems including air traffic management.

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Visiting Scientists from outside the United States acquire direct experience with the U.S. research culture. The program is creating an international network of scholars.

ISR management provides support for each Visiting Scientists and assists companies with additional opportunities

Visiting Scientists receive:

  • Office space, campus parking, and ISR computer services
  • Access to ISR research laboratories and equipment, campus libraries & other campus facilities
  • Attendance in academic courses (with the instructor's permission)
  • Participation in a wide variety of open campus activities
  • ESL training on campus

ISR SPP members have opportunities for:

  • Intellectual property licenses from joint activities
  • Commercial application of new technological developments
  • Long term mutually beneficial partnership
  • Priority attention for Contract R&D (CRAD)
  • Enhanced recruitment of students

How to participate in the ISR Visiting Scientist Program

Join the SPP at the Senior Partner level by providing a minimum fee of $75K/year, signing the ISR SPP Agreement, and signing the Visiting Scientist invitation letter.

A reduced fee for multiple visiting scholars is available. Small companies (<500 employees) are encouraged to participate, and are offered a reduced fee.

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