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Jeffrey W. Herrmann


Research Objective: My research seeks to improve decision-making through the use of mathematical modeling. This falls generally into the area of operations research. For more general information, see The Science of Better.

A video about my research.

Operations Research and Homeland Security

Handbook of Operations Research for Homeland Security (handbook web page)

Improving Mass Vaccination Clinic Operations (project website)

A video of my ISR Colloquium (Fall, 2010) on Improving Planning for Public Health Emergencies.

Publications: My publications include books, chapters, journal articles, conference papers, and technical reports. Many of these publications are available on-line.

Research Collaborations

It is my pleasure to be advising the following students: Dennis Leber and Rob Tamburello and the BIOCOUNTER team (Gemstone Class of 2013). I am also collaborating with Monifa Vaughn-Cooke, Dev Minotra, Isabelle Shuggi, Marius Linguraru, Will Herring, Adam Montjoy, William Rand, Brandon Schein, James Abello, Erica Gralla, David Rizzardo, and Linda Schmidt.

Over the years my students, former students, their families, and I have had various opportunities to gather for fun and food. Please see the photo album for photos of these events.

BIOCOUNTER Spring 2013 Thesis Conference

Spring, 2013, GEMSTONE Thesis Conference: BIOCOUNTER: Sebastian Serrano, Joshua Sloane, Darrell Schaeffer, Kyle Jamolin, Jonathan Saltzman, and Aaron Shim.

Research Lab: I am the director of the Simulation-Based System Design Laboratory. The lab has many faculty, students, and projects on a wide variety of topics related to simulation and system design. (This lab was formerly known as the Computer Integrated Manufacturing Lab.)

Research Areas and Related Projects: The following web sites provide information about the research projects and efforts that we have completed and those that are underway:

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