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Jeffrey W. Herrmann


Research Objective: My research seeks to improve decision-making through the use of mathematical modeling. This falls generally into the area of operations research. For more general information, see The Science of Better.

A video about my research.

Operations Research and Homeland Security

Handbook of Operations Research for Homeland Security (handbook web page)

Improving Mass Vaccination Clinic Operations (project website)

A video of my ISR Colloquium (Fall, 2010) on Improving Planning for Public Health Emergencies.

Publications: My publications include books, chapters, journal articles, conference papers, and technical reports. Many of these publications are available on-line.

(See also my Google Scholar page.)

Research Collaborations

It is my pleasure to be advising the following students: Getachew Degefu, Michael Morency, Christa Rogers Pettie, Eliot Rudnick-Cohen, and Connor Tobias. I am currently collaborating with Shapour Azarm, Erica Gralla, and David Rizzardo.

Some recent theses and dissertations by my students:

Over the years my students, former students, their families, and I have had various opportunities to gather for fun and food. Please see the photo album for photos of these events.

2014 pool party

June, 2014, pool party: I, Maria, Chase, Mason, and Dennis Leber, Jeff Rosenzweig, and Dan Fitzgerald. (Not pictured: Peter and Christine Lin.)

Research Lab: I am the director of the Simulation-Based System Design Laboratory. The lab has many faculty, students, and projects on a wide variety of topics related to simulation and system design. (This lab was formerly known as the Computer Integrated Manufacturing Lab.)

Research Areas and Related Projects: The following web sites provide information about the research projects and efforts that we have completed and those that are underway:

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