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Jeffrey W. Herrmann

Department of Mechanical Engineering and
Institute for Systems Research

Academic Director
QUEST Honors Program

Faculty Member
Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation (AMSC) Program

Human-Computer Interaction Lab


Product Engineering and Manufacturing, 2nd edition, College House Enterprises, 2002.

Handbook of Production Scheduling, Springer, 2006. (handbook web page)

Handbook of Operations Research for Homeland Security, Springer, 2012. (handbook web page)

Engineering Decision Making and Risk Management, John Wiley and Sons, 2015. (textbook web page; publisher web site)

(See also my Amazon Author profile.)

Selected Research Papers and Projects:

A video about my research

Learning Outcomes for a Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Honors Program: Development, Measurement, and Continuous Improvement (paper)

Risk-based path planning optimization methods for UAVs over inhabited areas (paper)

Sample Allocation for Multiple Attribute Selection Problems (paper)

Assessing the Learning Outcomes of a Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Honors Program (article and paper)

Design Team Decision Processes in Facility Design (paper)

Resource Allocation for Selection Decisions with Measurement Uncertainty (paper)

Predicting the Performance of Teams of Bounded Rational Decision-makers Using a Markov Chain Model (technical report)


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