John S. Baras


Adaptive Virtual Queue Random Early Detection in Satellite Networks

D. J. Byun and J. S. Baras

Proceedings of the 2007 IEEE Wireless Telecommunications Symposium, pp. 63-82, Pomona, California, April 26-28, 2007.

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Networks with scarce bandwidth and high propagation delays cannot afford to have an unstable active queue management (AQM). In this paper, problems with applying existing AQMs to satellite networks are identified and solved. The first problem is oscillatory queuing, which is caused by high buffering due to performance enhancing proxy (PEP) in satellite networks where congestion control after the PEP buffering does not effectively control traffic senders. The second problem is global synchronization due to tail-drop nature of virtual queue-based AQMs. A new AQM method called adaptive virtual queue random early detection (AVQRED) is proposed to solve the problems, and it is validated using a realistic emulation environment and a mathematical model.


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