John S. Baras


Implementing Ad Hoc to Terrestrial Network Gateways

J. McGee, M. Karir, J. S. Baras

2nd International Conference on Wired/Wireless Internet Communications (WWIC 2004), Frankfurt, Germany, February 4-6, 2004

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In this paper we describe our experience of implementing a gateway between ad hoc and terrestrial routing protocols. Our implementation of the gateway includes support for both a unicast routing protocol, as well as a multicast routing protocol. Though we limit our implementation to a particular set of protocols, we believe that the principles involved can easily be applied to other routing protocols. In particular, in this paper we detail our work on implementing a gateway between a network running MOSPF on a wired terrestrial network inteface and MAODV on a wireless ad hoc network interface. Though we focus primarily on the single gateway scenario, we also discuss complications that arise from the use of multiple gateways and illustrate the potential failures that can arise in those scenarios.


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