John S. Baras


Cumulative Caching for Reduced User-Perceived Latency for WWW Transfers on Networks with Satellite Links

A. Bhalekar and J.S. Baras

Service Assurance with Partial and Intermittent Resources: First International Workshop, SAPIR 2004, Fortaleza, Brazil, August 1-6, 2004

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The demand for internet access has been characterized by an exponential growth. The introduction of high-speed satellite communications systems providing direct-to-home internet is a response to this increasing demand. However such systems use geo-synchronous satellites and suffer from high latency. Currently, the most popular application layer protocols for the World Wide Web (WWW) are HTTP/1.0 and HTTP/1.1. Since HTTP is a request-response protocol, there are performance issues with using it over high-delay links such as links involving Geo-synchronous Earth Orbit (GEO) satellites. Such usage leads to severely increased user perceived latency which makes rdquointernet browsingrdquo a cumbersome experience. In this paper we investigate this problem and analyze a mechanism to reduce this user-perceived delay .

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