John S. Baras


Integrated security services for dynamic coalitions

Himanshu Khurana, Serban Gavrila, Rakeshbabu Bobba, Radostina Koleva, Anuja Sonalker, Emilian Dinu, Virgil Gligor, and John Baras

2003 DARPA Information Survivability Conference and Exposition, Washington DC, 22-24 April 2003.

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Coalitions are collaborative networks of autonomous domains where resource sharing is achieved by the distribution of access permissions to coalition members based on negotiated resource-sharing agreements. The focus of our research is on dynamic coalitions, namely, coalitions where member domains may leave or new domains may join during the life of the coalition. We have developed a set of tools that integrate security services for dynamic coalitions, namely, services for (1) private and shared resource management, (2) identity and attribute certificate management, (3) secure group communication, and (4) joint administration for enforcing joint-action policies on shared critical resources. In this paper we give an overview of the architecture and implementation of our tools.

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