John S. Baras


Distributed Trust Establishment in MANETs' Swarm Intelligence

L. Eschenauer, J. S. Baras and V. Gligor

Collaborative Technology Alliances (CTA) Communications & Networks (C&N) Alliance - 2003 Annual Symposium, University of Maryland Conference Center, College Park, Maryland, April 29 - May 1, 2003

Full Text Paper ( .Pdf )



We present some properties of trust establishment in mobile, ad-hoc networks and illustrate how they differ from those of trust establishment in the Internet. We present a framework for trust establishment in mobile ad-hoc networks and argue that peer-to-peer networks are especially suitable to solve the problems of generation, distribution, and discovery of trust evidence in mobile ad-hoc networks. We develop a new scheme based on swarm intelligence and demonstrate its advantages over the peer to peer scheme. We evaluate our approach through simulation with NS-2.

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