John S. Baras


Probability of Imminent Failure as a Routing Metric in a High-Mobility Wireless Ad Hoc Network

M. Alzate, J. S. Baras

8th International Conference on Intelligent Communications (CIC 2003), Seoul, Korea, October 28-31, 2003.

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The current duration of a link in a mobile wireless ad hoc network (MANET) has important information to offer with respect to its stability. Unlike location or signal strength methods, life measurements implicitly includes the effects of true propagation mechanisms, mobility space geometry, power control mechanisms and other phenomena that are ignored or simplistically modeled in the methods mentioned above. Consequently, the information contained in the current duration of the links can be used to enhance the accuracy of these methods. Furthermore, under high mobility conditions and in the absence of any resources for location and signal strength measurements, this information can also be used alone to obtain new routing metrics to enhance the performance of routing algorithms in a MANET. One such metric is the probability of imminent failure, which can also be used to predict route failures with relatively high accuracy. Here we modify DSR to use this metric, improving the efficiency by reducing the routing overhead.


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