John S. Baras


Network Design Using Hierarchical Performance Models and Multi-Criteria Optimization

M.Liu and J.S Baras

5th ARL Federated Laboratory Symposium, University of Maryland, College Park, March 20-22, 2001

Full Text Paper ( .Pdf )


Network design and dimensioning often involve trade-offs between different objectives that sometimes may have opposing effects on design. At the same time, some objectives are mandatory while others are optional. In this paper we use the multi-objective optimization package CONSOL-OPTCAD for the design trunk reservation parameters. We also study link capacity design by using CFSQP along with our model and its sensitivities generated by Automatic Differentiation (AD). Using AD for sensitivity analysis of our reduced load approximation is a novel approach. Using AD for computing derivatives of the fixed point along with the calculation of the fixed point itself is both accurate and efficient. Putting together these techniques we present a systematic way of network design, regardless of the details of the underlying performance evaluation model.

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