John S. Baras


The Window Distribution of Multiple TCPs with Random Loss Queues

A. Misra, T. Ott and J. Baras

Proceedings  of  the 1999 IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference (GLOBECOM), Vol. 3, pp. 1714-1726, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, December 5-9, 1999

Full Text Paper (.Pdf )


Two approximate techniques for analyzing the window size distribution of TCP flows sharing a RED-like bottleneck queue are presented. Both methods presented first use a fixed point algorithm to obtain the mean window sizes of the flows, and the mean queue length in the bottleneck buffer. The simpler of the two methods then uses the ‘square root formula’ for TCP; the other method is more complicated. More often than not, the simpler method is slightly more accurate; this is probably due to the fact that window sizes of the different flows are negatively correlated.

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