John S. Baras


Hybrid Internet Simulation Testbed

M. Liu, M. Karir, M. Raissi-Dehkordi, P. Ramakrishnan and J. S. Baras

Proceedings  of the 1999 OPNET Annual Technology Conference (OPNETWORK), Washington, D.C., August 30-September 3, 1999

Full Text Paper ( .Pdf )


Internet technology as a widely accepted modern telecommunication standard has been widely extended to combine with numerous other technologies, e.g.,satellite, ATM, wireless. This is what we term as Hybrid Internet. Along with this technology emerging, various enhancements and alterations of standard TCP/IP for different purposes have been proposeand studied in-tensively. More and more frequently we are facing the question of how to choose from these different schemes to design a system for a particular purpose, which would inevitably involve the interaction and trade-of study. We believe that simulation is a powerful tool for this type of work. In this paper, we describe our implementation of a Hybrid Internet testbed which includes a series of traffic models and TCP/IP enhancements. The goal of our work is to make a set of reusable modules upon which we can build complex systems to study the standard protocols and their variations. We also present application examples using these module components

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