John S. Baras


VLSI implemented ML joint carrier phase and timing offsets estimator for QPSK/OQPSK burst modems

Yimin Jiang, Verahrami, F.B., Wen-Chun Ting, Richmond, R.L. and Baras, J.S.

Proceedings of Wireless Communications and Networking Conference, New Orleans, LA, USA, 21-24 Sept. 1999.

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A high performance ASIC supporting multiple modulation, error correction, and frame formats is under development at Hughes Network Systems, Inc. Powerful and generic data-aided (DA) estimators are needed to accommodate operation in the required modes. A simplified DA maximum likelihood (ML) joint estimator for carrier phase and symbol timing offset for QPSK/OQPSK burst modems and a sample systolic VLSI implementation for the estimator are presented. Furthermore, the Cramer-Rao lower bound (CRLB) for DA case is investigated. The performance of the estimator is shown through simulation to meet the CRLB even at low signal-to-noise ratios (SNR). Compared with theoretical solutions, the proposed estimator is less computationally intensive and is therefore easier to implement using current VLSI technology

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