John S. Baras


A Video Transmission System Based on Human Visual Model

Y.Jiang, J.Gu and J.S Baras

IEEE VTC 1999,Vol.2,pp,868-873,Amsterdam,The Netherlands,September 21-23,1999.

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This paper presents a joint source-channel coding scheme of digital video broadcasting over satellite channel. The video compression is based on human visual model. Perceptual distortion model the just-noticeable-distortion (JND) is applied to improve the subjective quality of compressed videos. 3-D wavelet decomposition can remove spatial and temporal redundancy and provide scalability of video quality. In order to conceal the errors occurred under bad channel conditions, a novel slicing method and a joint source channel coding scenario thatcombines RCPC with CRC and utilizes the distortion information to allocate convolutional coding rates are presented. A new performance index based on JND is proposed and used to evaluate the overall performance at different signal-to-noise ratios(SNR). Our system uses OQPSK modulation scheme.

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