John S. Baras


Delay Monitoring in ATM networks

A.Arora, J.S Baras and G.Mykoniatis

3rd Annual Conference on Advanced Telecommunications and Information Distribution Research Program(ATIRP),pp. 259-263,University Of Maryland, College Park Feb 1-5,1999

Full Text Paper (.Pdf)


ATM Network provide end to end QoS guarntees to connections for their lifetime,in the form of bounds on delays,errors and losses.Performance Management invloves measurement of these parameters accurately and taking control measures if required,to improve performance.This is very important for real time connections in which losses are irrecoverable and delays cause interruptions in service.In this paper,we concentrate on delay monitoring mechanism.After presenting the OAM standards for ATM and a few sloutions in the literature ,problems still remaining are formulated and directions being pursued to obtain solutions are indicated.

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