John S. Baras


Web-it-Man: A Web-based Integrated Tool for Manufacturing Environment

R. K. Karne, J. S. Baras, D. S. Nau, M. O. Ball, E. Lin, V. S. Trichur, S. Dandekar, S. Poluri and J. T. Williams

1998 ASME Design Technical Conferences, ASME Computers in Engineering Conference, Atlanta, GA, September 13-16, 1998.

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Exponential growth in Internet applications and a need for a global access for future manufacturing demands web-based tools that operate seamlessly in heterogeneous environments. We present a Web-based Integrated Tool for Manufacturing that assists designers with a variety of CAD/CAM tools through a unified user interface. Web enabled system architecture is proposed for the future development of manufacturing tools. Design issues and research topics pertinent to this architecture are described. A prototype implementation based on this architecture and its current status is outlined. Finally, our research efforts in the development of this tool and some future research areas are identified.


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