John S. Baras


Fast Asymmetric Internet Over Wireless Satellite-Terrestrial Networks

J.S. Baras, M.S. Corson, S. Papademetriou, I. Secka and N. Suphasindhu

MILCOM ’97, Monterey, CA, November 2-5, 1997.

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We describe our recent work on the design and implementation of high perfomrnace Internet services over networks consisting of interconnected Direct Broadcast (Satellite) hosts and terrestrial wireless LANs with various capabilities. The network uses receive only satellite links for downstream data delivery and wireless and wireline terrestrial links for the upstream path. A key concept in our work is that of a hybrid terminal which is a PC connected to a DBS antenna and to the local wireless LAN. The hybrid terminal uses a modem connection for outgoing traffic while receiving incoming information through the VSAT.

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