John S. Baras


Adaptive Data Broadcasting Using Air-Cache

K. Stathatos, N. Roussopoulos and J. S. Baras

First International Workshop on Satellite-based Information Services (WOSBIS),  pp. 30-37, Rye, New York, November 13, 1996.

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In the Data Air Waves Project at University of Maryland, we are integrating Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) systems with terrestrial networks to provide a hybrid and effective communication substrate lying between data resources and remote / mobile user applications. Smooth integration of these two media balances the need for rapid data dissemination to very large numbers of clients and on-demand interactive data services. This paper describes the air-cache, a method for effective data broadcasting and an algorithm which rapidly adapts the content of the cache based on the "misses" which result in explicit (on-demand) data requests. Simulation results show that the hypothesis of adapting based only on the misses performs quite reasonably and has very little deviation from a system that has complete information - both hits and misses.

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