John S. Baras


Integrating Tradeoff Analysis and Plan-Based Evaluation of Designs for Microwave Modules

V. S. Trichur, M. Ball, J. S. Baras, K. Hebbar, I. Minis, D. Nau and S. J. Smith

Conference on Agile and Intelligent Manufacturing Systems, October 2-3, 1996, Troy

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Previously, we have described two systems, EDAPS and EXTRA, which support design and process planning for the manfacture of microwave modules, complex devices with both electrical and mechanical attributes. EDAPS integrates electrical design, mechanical design, and process planning for both mechanical and electrical domains. EXTRA accesses various component and process databases to help our user define design and process options. It then supports the user in choosing among these options with an optimization based tradeoff analysis module.

In this paper, we describe our current work towards the integration and enhancement of the capabilities of EDAPS and EXTRA. We integrate EXTRA's functionality with the intiial design step of EDAPS. In the resultant system, the user, supported by an enhanced tradeoff analysis capability, can select and describe a promising preliminary design and process plan based on the analysis of a variety of alternatives from both an electrical and mechanical perspective. This preliminary design is then subjected to further analysis and refinement using existing EDAPS capabilities. In addition to the integration of these two systems, specific new functions have been developed, including tradeoff analysis over a much broader set of criteria, and the ability of the tradeoff module to query the process planner to determine costs of individual options.

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