John S. Baras


Integrated Network Management System for Hybrid Networks

J.S. Baras, M. Ball, R.K. Karne, S. Kelley, K. Jang, C. Plaisant, N. Rossoupoulos, C. Stathatos, K. Stathatos, A. Vakhutinsky, J.B. Valluri,  and D. Whitefield

1st Conference of Commercial Development of Space”, Albuquerque, New Mexico, January 7-11, 1996.

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We describe oue collabrative effort towards the design and implementation of next generation integrated network management system for Hybrid networks(INMS/HN).We describe the overall software architecture of the system at its current stage of development.This network management system is specifically designed to adrress isuues relevant for complex heterogenous networks consisting of seamlessly interoperable terrestrial and satellite networks.


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