XML Code for Selected Requirements

Here is the xml code for the three selected requirements.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

   <Requirement ID="1693460932195911037" text="8-4<nl>Launch Date">
       <Attribute text="ID" value=""/>
       <Attribute text="Requirement Title" value="Launch Date"/>
       <Attribute text="Rationale" value="This requirement is based on the JAXA
                  development schedule as well as a reasonable development time and
                  funding profile for the NASA elements."/>
       <Attribute text="Assigned To" value="Adams Jim"/>
       <Attribute text="Requirement Status" value="Active"/>
       <Attribute text="Criticality" value="None"/>
       <Attribute text="Inheritable" value="Yes"/>
       <Attribute text="Verification Status" value="None"/>
       <Attribute text="Verified By" value="None"/>
       <Attribute text="Verification Date/Time" value="YY/MM/DD-24:00"/>
       <Attribute text="Verification Level" value="Segment"/>
       <Attribute text="Verification Method" value="Analysis"/>
       <Attribute text="Test Report Number" value=""/>
       <Attribute text="Qualification Date/Time" value="YY/MM/DD-24:00"/>
       <Attribute text="Requirement State" value="Uncontrolled"/>
       <Attribute text="Change Proposals Allowed" value="Not Assigned"/>
       <Attribute text="Verification Description" value=""/>
       <Attribute text="Description" value="The launch of the GPM Core spacecraft
                  shall be planned for within the US Government Fiscal Year 2008. "/>
       <Attribute text="Level" value="Level 1"/>
       <Attribute text="Level Type" value="1"/>

   <Requirement ID="3446283938022362964" text="4-343<nl>Core
       Spacecraft<nl>Launch Vehicle">
       <Attribute text="ID" value=""/>
       <Attribute text="Requirement Title" value="Core Spacecraft Launch Vehicle"/>
       <Attribute text="Rationale" value="JAXA is providing a launch vehicle to launch
                  GCOM-A1 and GPM-Core together from TnSC, Japan.  "/>
       <Attribute text="Assigned To" value="None"/>
       <Attribute text="Description" value="The Core Spacecraft shall be compatible
                  for a flight in early 2009 on the H-IIA 202 with a 1194M payload
                  adapter in a 4/4D-LS fairing."/>
       <Attribute text="Level" value="Level 2"/>
       <Attribute text="Level Type" value="2"/>

   <Requirement ID="6723494849880164503" text="8-378<nl>No Title">
       <Attribute text="Assigned To" value="None"/>
       <Attribute text="Change Proposals Allowed" value="Not Assigned"/>
       <Attribute text="Criticality" value="None"/>
       <Attribute text="ID" value=""/>
       <Attribute text="Description" value="The GPM shall adhere to program requirements
                  as agreed between the NASA Earth Science Enterprise and the NASA/GSFC
                  GPM program office."/>
       <Attribute text="Level" value="Mission Objective"/*>
       <Attribute text="Level Type" value="0"/>