Screenshots of Recent Projects

Project: Modeling Travel Time on Arterial Network
Author: Bahar Zarin
Semester: Spring 2016

Fig. 01. Using Google Maps to estimate travel time.

Fig. 02. Proposed method: Modeling urban travel time with JGraphT,
a stepping stone to working with GraphHopper .

Project: Job Scheduling Application
Author: Ejike Nwude
Semester: Spring 2016

Fig. 03. Graphical layout of jobs with precedence constraints.

Fig. 04. Sceendump of output from job scheduler.

Fig. 05. Gant chart for job scheduling problem.

Project: Three-Dimensional Visualization of Solid Models with JavaFX
Author: Niloofar Shadab
Semester: Spring 2016

Fig. 06. Class diagram for modeling of closed solids.

Fig. 07. Object diagram for modeling of solids.

Fig. 08. Compute surface area and volume of a torus.

Project: Distributed System Behavior Modeling with Ontologies and Rules
Author: Maria Coelho
Semester: Spring 2016

Fig. 09. Semantic graph model for a person.

Fig. 10. Semantic graph model for a school system.

Fig. 11. Event-based modeling of properties associated with a person.

Fig. 12. Interaction of events (intervals of time) and semantic properties for sending a school report home.

Project: Simulation of Autonomous Robots in Warehouses
Author: Mike Morency
Semester: Spring 2016

Fig. 13. Designed warehouse layout.

Fig. 14. Warehouse view of running simulation.

Fig. 15. Package diagram for warehouse simulation.

Project: Advanced Guideway System: Train Analysis and Route Selection
Author: Chris Binkley
Semester: Spring 2013

Fig. 16. Satellite view of the project area, annotated with the points of interest.

Fig. 17. A snapshot of the route selection dataset.

Project: Modeling City Connectedness and Cascading Failure
Authors: Alan Nguyen and James Vaughn
Semester: Spring 2013

Fig. 18. Class diagram of a City Meta-Model.

Fig. 19. Modeling cascading failures within the City System. Incipient failure.

Fig. 20. Modeling cascading failures within the City System.
Propagation of failures across systems.

Project: Tank Model and Visualization
Authors: Sijia Cao and Liang Qiao,
Semester: Spring 2013

Fig. 21. Solid modeling and Java 3D visualization of a tank!

Project: Component-Based Behavior Modelng with an Application to HVAC
Author: Karam Rajab
Semester: Spring 2013

Fig. 22. Pump connected to a pipe in a network.

Fig. 23. Physical model of fluid flow in a pipe of length L.

Fig. 24. Application of Bernoull's equation in pipe flow.

Fig. 25. Pipe and pump components connected into a simple network.

Fig. 26. Pipe 2's output pressure as a function of the pump discharge pressure.

Project: Dam Structure Modeling and Visualization
Author: Qianli Deng (Shally)
Semester: Spring 2012

Fig. 27. Java 3D visualization of Lac qui Parle Dam.

Project: Safe and Efficient Bicycle Routes
Authors: Leah Flake and Sapeksha Vemulapati
Semester: Spring 2012

Fig. 28. Bicycle safety map (red = 5, orange = 4, yellow = 3, green = 2, blue = 1)

Fig. 29. Weighted graph network of vertices and edges (only seen by the developer)

Fig. 30. Display of the shortest route.

Project: Graph-based modeling of a People Mover Train
Author: Reuben Juster
Semester: Spring 2012

Fig. 31. Graph model of the AirTrain at JFK Airport.

Project: European Gas Network Modeling
Author: Jonathon Kumi
Semester: Spring 2012

Fig. 32. Movement of flows in the European Gas Network.

Project: Architectural Floorplan Modeling of Buildings
Authors: Eddie Tseng and Mamadou Faye
Semester: Spring 2012

Fig. 33. Composite hierarchy display of the SEIL (Systems Engineering and Integration Laboratory) floorplan.

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