JAVA Programming Projects, Spring 2002

This semester I would like all of the Java Projects to explore uses of Java and XML technology. With only a few exceptions, in past years, projects have been developed from scratch. This year I would like to break from this trend an try to build upon code that has already been developed.

Here are a few of my ideas for Java Projects:

  1. Create an XML interface to the JOLT (Java Object Library Toolkit) Spreadsheet. See: This can be a multi-person project because the interface also needs to be re-written in Swing.
  2. Create an XML-based schema for storing an album of images, and viewer for downloading and displaying them over the web....
  3. Extend the functionality of the "Day Planner" application .... e.g., adding schedule information, backend database support .....
  4. Create an XML interface to the Gantt Chart project from last year.
  5. Extend the hierarchal graph model developed by Natasha Kositsyna.
  6. Extend the plotting program so that it uses the Batik scalable vector graphics (SVG) toolkit.
  7. Scott Selberg is designing an XML schema for storage, display and management of engineering requirements. We might be able to extend the "travel planner" to display these requirements.

Of course, you are also welcome to propose your own ideas.

[ Project 1 ] : Plotting of Dynamic XML Data Resulting from a SQL Based Query
[ Project 2 ] : Web-based Photo Album Viewer.
[ Project 3 ] : Web-based Photo Query System.
[ Project 4 ] : An XML interface to the Java Object Library Toolkit (JOLT) Spreadsheet
[ Project 5 ] : Digitial Photo Album
[ Project 6 ] : Day Planner
[ Project 7 ] : Day Planner 2
[ Project 8 ] : Standalone Java and XML Day Planner Application


Title : Plotting of Dynamic XML Data Resulting from a SQL Based Query
Developers : Mohamad Hejazi and Paul Lee

Description. This project shall involve the plotting and/or graphing of XML Dynamic Data. The data environment will be housed in an MS SQL database using a MS Access as a front end interface for database administration duties. As the dynamic data changes on a daily basis, the project team shall design a JAVA applet that will automatically render the most up to date information stored in the database. The applet shall plot the net number of open documents on any given day throughout the lifecycle of a generic program.


Title : Web-Based Photo Album
Developer : Michael Chamberland

Description. In this project we will create an XML-based schema for storing an album of images, and viewer for downloading and displaying them over the web". I'll be working on this project by myself.


Title : Web-Based Photo Querying System
Developer : Jing Chen

Description. This project develops a photo querying system by using Java and XML. The reason for combining the two technology is that Java bytecode is portable and XML allows for custom interpretation of data sets (portable data). Wafer photos taken from the programmable reactor system are stored in an XML file. A friendly interface for taking input from user and displaying/saving output of pictures and conditions is written by Java. A DOM parser (written in Java) is used to process the front-end query and take the correponding photo and data from back-end database.


Title : An XML interface to the Java Object Library Toolkit (JOLT) Spreadsheet
Developers : Promod Agarwal and Rohit Agarwal

Description. We plan to do following things in the project:

  1. Rewrite and develop a spreadsheet applet which has a look-and-feel and functionality similar to the MSExcel software in Swing.
  2. Add more features to it such as highlight multiple rows and columns for the purpose of selecting the desired data, performing different calculations and upgrades.
  3. Add a feature to plot the highlighted data in a bar chart/graph;
  4. Add a feature to make the whole spreadsheet length variable, i.e., the spreadsheet expands according to the number of data entries. So when a user reaches the end of the spreadsheet but still wants to enter more values, he just hits enter key and another row is added to the spreadsheet.
  5. Last but not the least we want to create an XML interface to the JOLT spreadsheet.

In the given time frame, we want to incorporate as much functionality to the MSExcel spreadsheet as possible.


Title: Digitial Photo Album
Developer: Tarun Gaba and Mahendra Ramani

Description. I would like to create an XML schema containing Image parameters like Name, size, a line about gif, URL1 (local path where the thumb size image is stored), and URL2 (local path where the full size image is stored). (As I talk to you before about using Database, but I am thinking of not using MS-Access since I will have problem using it.) I will write an Java Swing Application to read an XML Document to read all the images parameters and will dispay an all thumb size images. Then when the thumb size image is clicked, the full image size is displayed.

If you think I need to do more or I can add some more functionality, i will be happy to do it,


Title: Day Planner
Developer: Vimal Mayank and Deep Saraf

Description. Exam date and time, Project Deadlines, Meetings, Flight timings, etc are difficult to remember for every individual. Everybody in this world has something to do the whole day and it is impossible to remember everything. Hence, to ease this difficulty we are making a day planner. This Day planner is made in Java swing which will have a calendar where you can select a date and see your schedule. The project deals with the integration of Java and XML technologies. The user can also add a new schedule by clicking on the add schedule button and entering data with the date and time in the text area that is displayed. This data is then stored in the XML document.


Title: DayPlanner 2
Developers: Bevin Etienne , Dorethea Labogin and Zhen Shi

Description. Our project integrates Java and XML technologies to develop a dayplanner. In our dayplanner, a user can:

Once the Java application is started a calendar displaying the current month and year appears. The calendar consists of the following active components for the Year, Date, Month and the New Calendar buttons. The New Calendar button is used to update the calendar window when a new month is selected thus allowing the user to view past, present and future motnhly calendars. Selecting the Login button opens the login GUI. The OK button retrieves the Date of Day window.

This project assumes that only one appointment exist per day. The appointment data is parsed using DOM and SAX. The appointment data files are stored as XML files.


Title: Standalone Java and XML Day Planner Application
Developer: Lawrence Salzano

Description. In this project we build a customizable, stand alone, Day Planner using Java and XML technologies. The project is intended to store information (date, time, location and a note) in an XML database for daily activities and the Java portion should parse the XML file and use the information to be displayed in a user friendly graphical interface. The day planner frame will allow the user to retrieve information from the XML file according to a daily schedule as well as write to the file to store new appointments.

Developed in March 2002 by Mark Austin
Copyright © 2002, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Maryland