Anup Menon

Welcome to my academic webpage!

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I'm a PhD Candidate in the

ECE Department and the Institute for Systems Research at

the University of Maryland College Park.

My advisor is Prof. John Baras.


I'm broadly interested in control theory and its applications. Research towards my doctoral degree is focused on developing provably correct multi-agent learning algorithms and understanding the effects of the information exchange network on decentralized control systems.


  1. A. Menon and J. S. Baras,“Collaborative Extremum Seeking for Welfare Optimization”, Submitted to the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2014.(Invited Paper)

  2. A. Menon and J. S. Baras, “A Distributed Learning Algorithm with Bit-valued Communications for Multi-agent Welfare Optimization”, Accepted for publication at the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2013. (Invited Paper, Best Student Paper Award Finalist) see unabridged technical report

  3. A. Menon and J. S. Baras, “Convergence Guarantees for a Decentralized Algorithm Achieving Pareto Optimality”, Proc. of the 2013 American Control Conference, pp. 1935-1940, Washington DC, June 17-19, 2013. (Best Student Paper Award Finalist)

  4. A. Menon and J. S. Baras, “Expander Families as Information Patterns for Distributed Control of Vehicle Platoons”, Proc. of 3rd IFAC Workshop on Distributed Estimation and Control in Networked Systems (NecSys 2012), pp. 288-293, Santa Barbara, California, September 14-15, 2012.

  5. R. N. Banavar, A. Menon and D. Nadkarni, “Time-Optimal Transfer in the Plate-Ball Problem”, Proc. of the 10th European Control Conference, Budapest, Hungary, August 23-26, 2009.


Here is a link to my resume.


2239 A. V. Williams Building
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

email: amenonATumdDOTedu