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ISR room policies

Because ISR rooms are heavily used, they are subject to the following policies in addition to the general policies common to all reservations.

Room access and use 

1) When you make a reservation, add at least 15 minutes of time before the actual start of the event so a University ID card can be programmed to unlock the door in time for set up. [Example: The event is from 2:00-3:00 pm; you reserve the room for 1:45-3:00 pm.]

2) The UID number you give when making the reservation should be that of the person who will be opening the room. This may or may not be you. Please be responsible to your guests and respectful to ISR staff, and have someone there to open the room for your event.

3) Faculty and staff offices are adjacent to all ISR meeting rooms. To allow faculty and staff to work, meeting room doors must be closed to cut down on noise. If the door is open, people in neighboring offices are authorized to come by and close the door.

Room use by ISR individuals and groups

ISR individuals and groups can use rooms for meetings, seminars, student defenses and ISR events. 
The rooms are not intended for classroom use. Exceptions may be granted after 5 pm and on weekends.

Room use by non-ISR individuals and groups

Additional restrictions apply to non-ISR individuals and groups:

They may reserve ISR rooms for single events only.
They cannot reserve rooms for recurring, full-day, or multiple-day events.
They cannot reserve rooms for social events such as breakfasts, lunches and receptions during normal business hours (8 am to 5 pm).

Cancelling events

As soon as you know your event will not be held, you must use the reservation system to cancel your event and release the room. This is especially important if you are the person responsible for recurring events. If you regularly neglect to cancel, your event may be cancelled by a calendar administrator, and you may be denied the ability to book recurring events in the future.

Agreement for recurring ISR events

ISR-affiliated persons seeking to book recurring events in ISR rooms must agree to the cancellation responsibilities before the reservation can be approved. Requests for recurring events are not automatically approved.

Post-event cleanup of rooms 1146 and 2168

1) ISR rooms 1146 and 2168 are designed for flexible use and may be reconfigured. Everyone using 1146 or 2168 must return the room to its default seminar room configuration after the event is over. Pictures of these configurations are posted in the rooms and can be viewed and downloaded here.

2) All trash generated by the event must be bagged and placed in the hallway outside the room.

3) If you leave the room in disarray or in a non-standard configuration after your event, you may be charged a fee for cleanup and you may be denied use of ISR rooms in the future.