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UTRC CDS Invited Lecture: David Casbeer, AFRL, "UAV Autonomy and Cooperative Control"
Friday, March 31, 2017
10:00 a.m.
2168 AV Williams Bldg
For More Information:
Nuno Martins

UAV Autonomy and Cooperative Control

David Casbeer
Air Force Research Laboratory, Autonomous Control Branch
Air Force Material Command
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

For decades, the idea of cooperative control has been discussed, but it hasn’t been until the last 15 or so years that these ideas have taken hold, mainly due to the surge in hardware capability to implement these ideas. Today drones are everywhere, and the autopilots that guide them are becoming more reliable. We will look at how autopilots and the tools available in control science and other disciplines act as a foundation for UAV autonomy and cooperative control. Specifically, we will discuss how consensus, combinatorial optimization, and Markov decision problems enable autonomy, with of focus on the concepts required for multi-UAV decision-making and control from an Air Force perspective, highlighting applications and examples where theory comes to practice.

Dr. David Casbeer is the tech area lead for the UAV Cooperative and Intelligent Control Team within the Control Science Center of Excellence in the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Aerospace Systems Directorate. The UAV team focuses on decision making, planning, and coordination for multiple autonomous UAVs acting and reacting in uncertain and adversarial environments. Dr. Casbeer received the BS and PhD degrees from Brigham Young University in 2003 and 2009, respectively, where he advanced theory describing the statistics of decentralized estimation techniques. In 2016, Dr. Casbeer was awarded AFRL’s Early Career Award for distinguished foundational research in multi-agent control. He currently serves as the chair for the AIAA Intelligent Systems Technical Committee and as a Senior Editor for the Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems.

This Event is For: Graduate • Undergraduate • Faculty • Post-Docs

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