Rapid task-related plasticity of spectrotemporal receptive fields in primary auditory cortex

Applications and robotic implementations of auditory processing

Physiological basis of Auditory Streaming in Auditory Cortex

Spectrotemporal analysis in the auditory cortex

Functional organization of early auditory system

Stereausis processing of binaural time-delays

Harmonic templates in pitch perception

VLSI Cochlea Model Chip

VLSI Cochlea Model Chip

A VLSI cochlea model chip has been developed in the NSL to perform real-time cochlear processing of audio data. While some researchers have used transconductance amplifiers (TCAs) as the building block of their hardware cochlea models, our chip is based upon switched capacitor filters (SCFs). These filters allow for precise frequency response and do not require post-fabrication tuning. During the development of the cochlea model, several advances in the field of SCFs and filter banks were made, and a patent has been granted for this technology.

Last updated: August 21, 2012

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